Female Punching Bags: An Aggressive Fitness Formula


In today’s world boxing are having great significance, many countries giving the opportunity to the women boxer to come forward and write their name in a golden word. On the other side, common women are showing interest in working out with punching bags. Many fitness freak women have a great love for boxing as it burns much more calories within a few minutes of practice. Boxing practice contains aerobic as well as an anaerobic exercise in 7:3 ratio respectively. In this segment, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the punching workout.

Including boxing in our daily exercise routine, can benefit our body in various manners. It provides many physical benefits which channelize the whole body throughout the workout. Boxing is a game which provides relief to the soul and mind because it is an aggressive game and person use their proper energy to practice it and at last our mind boost with positivity. Let’s know about the pros and cons of punching bag workout.


Pros or benefits of boxing

  • It helps to build a body healthy and fit. When we train our body by punching on the heavy bag, it transforms our body by distributing energy all over the body, in order to reduce fat.
  • Boxing practice makes muscles strong and enhances the cardio functionality for good health. Strong muscles and fit body give strength to do any work with lots of energy.
  • Daily stress, naturally wards off when we punch the punching bag. It is very effective in forgetting stress very soon and helps to have a calm and cool mind.
  • It increases the confidence in girls and at the same time, it provides a great esteem to do any work. If we talk about confidence enhancement, it is like that when women travel alone she can protect herself.

Bottom line: boxing consists of aerobic and anaerobic exercise in 7:3 Ratio, which is very essential for good health.

These were some pros of boxing for women but there are many more benefits. Well, this is the time to discuss cons of the practicing on a punching bag.

Cons or disadvantage of boxing

women punching bag workoutsAlthough boxing alone on a punching bag strengthens your lower body sometimes it creates serious fatigue for the player. Now we are going to discuss the cons given below:-

  • One of the drawbacks of boxing is several contact related injuries like breaking of the nose, dislocation of the arm, cracking of chine and many more.
  • Many boxing injuries cause breaking of fingers and also develop rib bone, wrist and wrist
  • However, short-term injuries can abate in several days or week but long-term injuries are a very big drawback of boxing.

Bottom line: apart from injuries, boxing is enormously beneficial for women health. We can reduce the chance of injuries by proper risk management.


Instead of having some disadvantage, women are a fan of boxing. The injuries could be reduced by proper risk management. For example, if you are going to play against some always try to use several pads. One should never do boxing in naked hand; always remember to use globes along with cramp bandage. Apart from injuries, there is nothing bad in boxing, Hence, these injuries are neglected with respect to the benefits of boxing

Heavy Bags Are Good For Martial Artist

There are two types of heavy bags typically used for all type of martial art. There are huge significance, in order to enhance kick as well as punch. Heavy bags are better equipment to be used by a martial art player alone. Apart from this if someone practice well on heavy punching bag to burn their fat then a 155 pound person can burn up to 422 calories every hour. Now, people would think which is better, if they think of to buy a heavy punching bag. Since every coin has two faces like that every punching bag has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Let’s discuss about both type of punching bag used by martial art lover or in general.

1) Hanging heavy bags

Hanging heavy bagsIn terms to increase stamina as well as punching power, there is no comparison of heavy bags. It is great tool to develop defense technique and it also each you to show your aggression. Here, we are going to discuss pros along with cons of hanging heavy bags.


It swinging characteristics gives an idea to fight in an arena because; during fight the opponent is never going to be still. Hence, it is going to give a live offensive experience during training. When it will come forward, you will have to adjust your body in order to defense as well as block. Most importantly, if there is no one to practice with you it could your great friend while training. Today most of the martial arts player believes in improving punch by heavy punching bag.


These kind of heavy bags need more space; this is the first disadvantage to this kind of bag. Secondly if you are going to install it somewhere you need to have a massive up support, where it will hang. So these are some basic problem with hanging heavy bags.

Bottom line: The swing in hanging bags gives a live offensive and defensive experience but it require a great support to install.

2) Free standing heavy bags

standing heavy bagsIt is the favorite of the people who practice at home because it is static. And its manufacturing idea makes it fascinating. However it is damn cool and adventures, hence it’s worth need money. Apart for money comparison this is the favorite of all. Let’s check out the pros and cons of this type of punching bags.


As we know there is no installation require because you can place it anywhere. Unlike to hanging punching bag as it is filled by sand, rags, grains etc, mostly free standing punching bags are filled with foam having high density. Due to this its surface is so firm that anyone can comfortably use their knuckles or leg, basically if someone is practicing kickboxing. It is so portable that after practice you can put it in a corner of your room.


Most of the bag of this kind is light; hence it is not that much effective in developing power through punch practice. After excessive uses it might damage, more often it is seen in the model types of free standing heavy bags. Most importantly if someone desires to have a great practice of defensive as well as offensive tricks over the punching bag, this can disappoint you. Lastly, lighter object can fall down when it kicked or punched with a high intensity.

Bottom line: It is good for knuckle and knee practice, as it is generally filled with dense foam material and it is portable too.


Now everything is crystal clear, if you have small space around there is nothing useful than free standing punching bags. However it would cost you some more. Apart from this if someone is thinking just for light training or cardio training, this is good enough to go and you can perform your knuckles as well as leg kick without hesitation since it will not break your body parts.

Well, if you have space and a better hanging module out there, you can surely go for hanging punching bag. Since it is economical too, it comes in everyone’s budget. On the other hand it is generally heavy and its swing can teach better to a tyro martial artist. Perhaps, it is very effective, if one have no partner because its heavy swing replicates the real competition of fighting arena.