Motivational Whatsapp DP Users never put up display pictures randomly. Your dp is supposed to be the best version of yourself. Whatsapp being the home social networking site allows you the liberty of vulnerability in your dps but social networking sites like Facebook doesn’t. This is because your best whatsapp dp is the means by which you briefly express as well as impress your contacts.

whatsapp cool DPIf you’re all set to woo a girl or a guy you’ve had your eyes on, your whatsapp cool DP is what will help. While you, as a person, are what will help you make someone fall in love with you, it is your dp that creates the first impression. And, first impression, believe it or not, is in most cases, the lasting impression.

How to choose the perfect dp?

Whatsapp Friendship DPAre you a hardcore optimist who wants to help people see the best of situation at all times? Or are you someone who fancies depth in literature and is in love with philosophies of all kinds? If yes, the substitute dp to your own picture should be a dp revealing your interest area. A Motivational DP presenting the quote you love or a Friendship DP showing how important your friends are for you will help!

Does your dp dictate your popularity?

sad Whatsapp DPYour dp must be your best representation or that of your mood. A sad Whatsapp DP when you’re sad will make it easier for the introvert you to reach out to people. For people who find it difficult to express what they truly feel their dps are a means of expression and liberty.

Now, your dp must be more than everything mentioned above. It must be unique. This is because if you put up the common cliched dps, chances are that people might brush you off. Therefore, be innovative and use the best dps!